A new yearlong series of workshops, events, and skill-building sessions designed to help HGSE students explore, develop, and solidify the communications skills critical for professional success in the context of education today.


VOICE offers a special focus on public storytelling and communicating one’s digital presence — with additional emphasis on effectively using social media, op-ed writing, speaking, and producing multimedia assets such as videos and podcasts.

The program involves experts as coaches and teachers from within and outside of Harvard and is led by Matt Weber, Preceptor in Communications at HGSE.

See HGSE Weekly for details. Questions? learning@gse.harvard.edu


Teaching Staff and Fellows

Matthew Weber
Preceptor in Communications
Director, Digital Communications Strategy

Iman Rastegari
Teaching Fellow
Multimedia Producer

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Learning Resources


Public storytelling

HarNess the Power of VIDEO

Building Your Digital Presence 

Preparing For Media Interviews

Reporting and Analyzing Success


Writing and Placing an Op-Ed


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