Double Take

Next Live Event: MAY 17th

A three-part series of activities — culminating in major schoolwide events in both the fall and the spring — that allows members of the HGSE community to share their own personal stories and listen to the unique experiences of others.


To ensure this is a meaningful learning experience for all involved, we will offer several different opportunities to practice public storytelling—combining coaching with peer feedback. Details and opportunities to sign-up can be found below:


(1) Introductory "Public Storytelling" Workshop and Double Take Introduction

Friday, April 13th at 12 PM in Askwith Hall

Sign-up not required; all are welcome.

Attend one of the skill-building workshops with HGSE’s own Matt Weber and Iman Rastegari, who will offer coaching and guidance on the key elements to public storytelling.  No prep work or sign-up is required, and this session is not mandatory in order to participate in the rest of the Double Take series.  Staff who wish to attend this, or any of the following events, should seek the approval of their supervisor, who are encouraged to be flexible with these requests.


(2) Studio Recording – Putting the Skills into Practice

M-F April 16th - 20th in the HGSE Video Studio (Gutman 306)

Do you want to practice public storytelling on camera and receive coaching?  Would you like to be considered as a storyteller for the schoolwide event? Sign up for a spot in HGSE’s recording studio and practice your storytelling skills with live coaching and guidance. Participants can sign up for only one slot, and you should not sign up for a spot unless you are sure you can attend.


(3) Double Take: Stories That Make You Think Twice – A Schoolwide Event

Thursday, May 17th at 4 PM in Askwith Hall

A schoolwide celebration follows from 5-6 PM

Join us for this two-hour community event.  A diverse committee of students, faculty, and staff will select 10 stories from the recording sessions, looking for voices and experiences that embrace a wide variety of identities and experiences.  Stories will be told during the first hour, and a schoolwide celebration will follow in the second hour. If you have any questions, please email